The Root Cause

Health Lifestyle

I have been contemplating starting a blog for a few years and have always made excuses not to start. I always thought that I never had anything good enough to share. I’m starting this blog in hopes to inspire others who feel like they are incapable of living a balanced lifestyle. We all have to start somewhere and starting is the hardest part.

I haven’t always lived a balanced lifestyle. I grew up in a small town in Northwest Ohio with a close knit family. We were always having family get togethers, which almost always included a bunch of sweets. I didn’t have any will power or cared about portion sizes then. Before I knew it I was an overweight college student with an extreme low self esteem. This happens to be around the same time I moved to Columbus, which was a pretty rough transition. I was completely out of my comfort zone – new apartment, new job, new everything.

Shortly after I started eating healthy I also started training for my first 5k. As the weight started coming off I was gaining self esteem – slowly, but surely. Now six years later and 100lbs lighter I’m training for my third half marathon. It definitely has been a long journey to get to where I am, but no one said it would be easy. I look back at pictures and I don’t even recognize the girl I used to be.

So with that being said, this blog will be full of recipes, tips and tricks, and my journey in continuing a balanced lifestyle. Stay tuned!

Xoxo –